About Us

At Essence, our mission is simple; we are dedicated to bringing you top quality products across all the ranges of Natural Health, from industry-leading suppliers around the world.

Our approach to the field of Natural Health is almost unique in the business. We provide a professional and ethical service, ensuring our customers have all the information available to them and offer qualified advice.

On November 19th 2004, Essence at The Health Store quietly opened its doors to the residents and visitors of the beautiful seaside town, Newcastle, Co. Down. Since those early days, the business has steadily grown in both customers and product ranges thanks to our friendly and helpful staff whom continually endeavour to meet the needs of our customers.

​Check out our Facebook page for the latest news, events and special offers in store. Should you have any further questions about us, don’t hesitate to email or even visit our main street store to talk in person. We look forward to your visit!